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yeah so im def fancying this girl on our softball team. she plays shortstop and there is just something about her liitle frame that is cute. but she kinda looks like gumby. its small but i def see the rememblance. me and my friend are trying to stalk her but who the fuck dont have a facebook? i think that makes her more interesting to me bc it shows she is not into mainstream college society. she is not confirmed to be into girls but she just seems like it. i was like, i will just ask her if she likes girls and my friends like you cant do that, she might take find it offensive, and she might beat you up. she weighs two pounds lighter than me, which isnt saying much for her existence bc i weigh at least 94 pounds. we could wrestle.

i dont kno. she is just fun to watch on the field, even tho she is the only one without a defining ass. ill just keep watching. and maybe pelt my phone number at her after the game on weds.