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Ok so what do you do when your still in love with your ex, who not only crushed your heart but your pride, but are also deeply in love with some one else??? I was taking to Claire (My ex) last night and i dont know what to do because i told her i still loved her, i cant deal with being with her again. she crushed me and i wont let her do it again, yea i love her but GOD i wont let her do this to me a second time and plus, she has a new man in her life she doesnt need me anymore. And Kryss (New girl i love) omg this girl is amazing, last night i yawned and she was all "Aww, tired baby?" it made my heart soar she calls me babe all the time and i love it but we arent dating YET and last night i got a text message from her before she called saying "Well i'll be giving YOU a long kiss on spring break ^^ Eventually..." she makes my stomach flutter and go im in love with her, but i also love Claire... FUCK!!! *Slams head into the wall repeatedly.* Ive GOT to stop thinking about Claire, i have Kryss now i DO NOT need Claire.