He's back!

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James is back finally! I waited like two weeks while he was off in France, just going crazy cause my busiest work load happened to coincide with my spring break T_T. We ended on sort of an off note because I met him and his best friend rose up at the mall (coincidently) while I was playing Tekken in the arcade with a couple of my friends. I got the whole, Jon this is rose, rose this is jon, nice to meet you...blah blah blah small talk. But she seemed really nice and while James was busy playing pump it up (He's ranked 9th in the nation, no lie) Rose and I went outside for some air and to talk. I mentioned to her that I wasn't sure about how James was feeling about our relationship because he seemed kind of distant and she told me he had been hurt in his previous relationship and was just kind of reluctant due to that. She did say that he talked about me to her and that he liked me alot so that kind of cleared up the doubt in my mind.

So like I was saying today he came back all jetlagged and whatnot. But he sure had alot of stories to tell and he said he took a fair amount of pictures so I'm having him come over to my house (The first time, which is weird seeing as we've been dating for like 5 weeks) to look over stuff from his trip and watch I am legend. So we ate lunch with my friends like any normal monday but today he did something completely new. After everyone dispersed and we walked to my class and said our goodbyes he kissed me in public. Now just so you're on the same train of thought as me here, he's NEVER kissed me in public before. I was worried maybe he was ashamed or something. I mean it wasn't making out or anything but just a goodbye kiss, which meant alot to me because it kind of says he's sure enough about our relationship to kiss me in front of the random passerby of our college.

Yeah today was a good day :)