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So I watched this movie called "High Art" today. It wasn't very good. It had no plot, it was really boring and the ending was really bad. It was a little better than this other movie I had seen called "Love and Suicide" i think. I've seen "Imagine Me and You" but other than that I haven't liked any of the lesbian movies that I've seen. Are there any movies out there that any of you would reccomend?


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Loving Annabelle. It's

Loving Annabelle. It's really sweet.

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gray matters. It's funny and

gray matters. It's funny and Heather Graham does a good job in it (and she's hot). =P

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Loads of really great lesbian Movies

Check out a list at http://www.moviesforlesbians.com/Movielist.html

There are video preview clips

My favourite movies
Loving Annabelle
April's Shower

You are absolutely right though. The movies you have watched are duds

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