i fucked up again.....

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Ive fucked up once again.....Well just before asking Kryss out i well....i took my Ex back (The one who had crushed me really bad, Claire) and well i asked Kryss out two nights ago and she had said yes well the next day i broke up with Claire because well i dont love her like that i love her like i would a little sister, Claire went of the deep end and contacted Kryss but not before i told Kryss what was going on and she understood that i fucked up and well Claire thinks i dumped her for Kryss and i didnt ive been trying to tell her that, so Kryss broke up with me because she doesnt want Claire hurt and i could careless(yes i know im being an asshole) so yea, im just going to dissapear off the face of the earth no not kill myself but im ust going to leave, that way i never hurt anyone ever again.


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Well, technically you did

Well, technically you did dump Claire for Kryss. Doesn't mean you did it maliciously, just perhaps you handled it unwisely. And obviously Claire's upset.

So who do you need to talk to? Kryss clearly.

Although, it's possible that 'doesn't want to hurt Claire' means 'wants to avoid a messy situation without hurting your feelings'.

It's not the end of the world. Talk to this Kryss person and see what happens.

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What can i say to her??? I

What can i say to her??? I cant just go p to her and say "Kryss i love you, i dont care who gets hurt i love you and i want you in my life." I CANT DO THAT, we have only known eachother for almost 2 months and that really isnt much time be saying "I LOVE YOU" to some one it would make her flip out, we both have strong feelings for eachother and last night she told me she wants nothing more than to be an "us" for there to me a "You and me" yea i AM i love with her, she is an amazing woman but because of all this with Claire ive screwed it up, i kept saying over and over again how bad i screwed up, Kryss was ther telling me i didnt, yes i made a mistake but everyone makes mistakes, she still wants to be with me but until things get calmer with Claire she thinks we should cool it a bit. i really want to be with Kryss i do... and i DO love Claire but not like she wants me to.

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Saying "I love you" isn't

Saying "I love you" isn't talking to her. Tell her what you've told us.

Explain to her that you care about Claire like a sister, but that it's her you really like.
Tell Kryss you know that you know that you've handled this situation badly but that her not going out with you isn't protecting Claire. Because it isn't- even if Kryss wasn't around, you still wouldn't want a sexual relationship with Claire- since you don't see her that way anymore.
Say you understand if she wants to wait awhile, but that you really want a relationship with her. And tell her why you like her.

And if after she knows exactly where you stand, she still wants to wait then cut the melodrama and just wait.

You haven't fucked everything up and now nothing can be the same ever again. The situation is just a little bit more complicated than it needed to be.

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ok i wrote to her, im hoping

ok i wrote to her, im hoping it will go well....

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good luck, I hope she sees

good luck, I hope she sees sense.

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It did, she is ok with me

It did, she is ok with me and i told her what you sugested this is the email i sent her

"Kryss, i know i screwed up and you told me that people make mistakes and all. I want us to stay an us Kryss, I know that i have handled this situation badly but you not going out with me isnt protecting Claire, because even if you werent in the picture it wouldnt change the fact that i dont want that kind of relationship with her, i dont see her as anything other than a friend well more like a little sister but i undertstand if you want to wait a while but i DO want a relationship with you. Well now you know were i stand."

She told me she wants nothing more than to be with me and only me. Heh and last night while we were on the phone she was talking with Claire and we founf out she is trying to play the two of us against eachother, she is trying to get Kryss to hate me and never take me back, i guess if she cant be with me then no one can in her mind, Claire kept calling me and hanging up then telling Kryss "Oh, i guess i will just sit up all night waiting for him to call me and realize im a human being too." bull shit and she kept telling Kryss all i cared about was sex, ok first thing i told Kryss before we got into our relationship as friends was, "I dont like sex because of the body i am stuck in isnt right it wouldnt be right to me." she understood she is transgender aswell but she is Bigender, i call her male pronouns when she dresses as a guy and female when she is a girl. But yea we are going to try the relationship thing again, last night she gave me the biggest butterflies in the world in my gut we were talking and i asked her "Do you hate me for what i have done?" she said to me "Hell no i love you too much." then she started stuttering and blushing saying she didnt mean for that to come out. it was cute then at about 3AM she asked me if i would stay on the phone with her till she fell asleep. we both ended up falling asleep and she makes little noises in her sleep its SOOOOO cute.