i grow weary of this world!

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first off, who got that reference?

no one told me that being in a relationship gets heavy sometimes. i love him so much, i think about him all the time, blah blah blah, and im not used to spending so much energy on one person. its so weird, i love being with him, and when im not i hate thinking about him cos it reminds me that im not with him!.... does that make sense?

sigh. i find it hard to get on with anything because all i do is think about him, i cant concentrate! and i feel strange when i say that it would be better sometimes if i didnt feel so strongly cos then id be who i was before i met him... but that doesnt make sense, cos im much happier now. i feel so retarded.

im SOOO tired. nothing im writing is making sense. lol sorry guys... but then im assuming that someone is reading this... hmm crap im tired.

lolid.. laughing out loud in delerium.