I need a girlfriend.

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I need a girlfriend. I’ve tried so hard to be happy being single, but damn it, I want to be loved by someone I love. I hate these one-sided messes I always get myself into. I have all this love and it’s got nowhere to go! It just turns on itself and goes sour and gets wasted, and turned into bitter feelings that I don’t want but can’t seem to escape. I’m angry right now. Love shouldn’t be wasted. I wish there were an on-off switch I could use, to control who I loved, and when, and how much, like manipulating machinery. It would be so much more efficient.

Marie’s boyfriend showed up at practice today. He lives far away, so today was only the third time I’ve seen him. I can see they’re perfect together, and I hate it. I really and truly do. I feel crushed.

This is going to drive me crazy someday.


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I know exactly what you

I know exactly what you mean...

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:< I'm sorry. That sucks...

:< I'm sorry. That sucks... Good luck with it all. <3

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I'm pretty sure it drives us

I'm pretty sure it drives us all crazy.
Good luck anyways =]

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Thank you guys.

Thank you guys. Sorry for being depressing. Sometimes I just need to rant a little. I appreciate your reading this.