I Think Someone Called Me a Dyke Today....

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Not really sure. I was passing this kid in the hallway when I was on my way to choir and I heard this rather sinister mutter, "Dyke" (or something VERY similar to it) come from him. I don't know him, and I didn't see his face. There wasn't anyone next to him on his left and I was on his right, so if that is what he said, it was probably addressed to me....

It didn't really bother me, but I'm a little weirded out. I've never actually been called a dyke before. Not to my face anyway (or in passing in the hallway). It kind of surprised me.

Maybe I just fit the stereotype better now that my hair is short.


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I think i would take that as

I think i would take that as a compliment.A dyke or a butch...something i want to be like,but i cant,because im just to girly for it :P

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Katie Townsend called me a

Katie Townsend called me a dyke in the hallway in year 11 and now her parents are divorced and the had to sell the farm.


Mystery boy had better hope so.

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My friend always calls me a

My friend always calls me a crazy little dyke,but the way he does it is more funny than anything else.I'm not really sure how I would take it if someone I didn't know said it to me though.

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I call myself a dyke.... it

I call myself a dyke.... it can mean good or bad... and it always has several different meanings some think - lesbian some think more of a masculine lesbian
I don't care. I like the word.
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it's happened

it's happened to me before. i was in detention and as we were walking out the door, some chick behind me was talking to her friend and said, "she's totally a dyke, just look at her." ya. i didn't really know how to react, so i just kept walking.