I want to scream...

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as i speak in this moment i want to scream but im pretty sure the bitch the lives right next to me on the other side of this cement wall would get tmad and bang on it like she has done so many other times in the past. gabby i here and i really dont like her. i invited her to a movie tonight wil my firned to be nice bc well i am going to live w her next semster and i need to keep things civil. during the night it was lots of fun and it felt like a sorta missed her. that is until she came up to my room. she is so noisy. apparently i can only take her in small doses and im about one dose away from slipping into a coma...and omg keith is trying to explain to her how two gilrs have sex.. hes like you know its hot.. this is the girl i had a major crush on. he is retarded


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If she hears you through it, either it isn't cement or you scream WAY too loud.


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AnM LSU is cheap, these

LSU is cheap, these cement bricks are probably hollow...