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So, First off!

Second off. My aunt just called up...
SUPER church nut. Like LOVES JESUS!
She asked if I went to church for Easter... I lied...
I just stammered out, "ugh... yea!"
So she asked me about the message. I was like what? the regular stuff?
So I went on about Doubting Thomas. Then she went on this religious tyraid of faith and acceptance... and sin... and the sinner...

I was just kind of like... yup... yup...

Whew...I just wanted to shout "I'M GAY! I LOVE TO FUCK BOYS! I LOVE BEING FUCKED!" and yea...

Whenever You Feel like it - Kylie Minogue
"You're wild
You're crazy
You're not like other people baby
You're a devil
You're a rebel
It's why I need you baby

For keeping me up all night
For making me feel alright
You march to the beat of your own drum baby
You can come to me "


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hahaha! poor you :P But isnt

hahaha! poor you :P But isnt that like that with everyone?You know..with teens who have super religious parents or relatives.
Its pathetic,you just want to scream your lungs out telling them the reality but you just cant...sucks,doesnt it? =(