IM afraid of the penis

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i think that i am afraid of penis, which is why i would rahter be with a girl than a guy. for the first time in my whole life i watched porn with my friend a week or two ago and that just solidified my feelings for gilrs bc now im just afraid of penis. it just looks so weird and there is no way that i could ever stick it in my mouth. yuck. this is probably why after a few months w a guy and i felt that i was pressured to do more i would just break up with him bc no way i ever wanted to get physical with him. even in the future it just nevr seemed like something i wanted to do. i always found myself avoiding long intimate situations with guys. it never felt right. girls are just more beautiful in every single way.

im so ready for spring break.


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Huh...? I'm the complete

I'm the complete opposite... I find penis one of the most beautiful things. I look at the anatomical sketches of the female reproductive and it looks like a deer... Those things are just so... so... alien!

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i know what he's talking about...

i thought the same thing about the female-reproductive system [the inner part] when i first saw diagrams of it in sex-ed class... it looks like a deer or moose. the uterus is the moose's face and the fallopian tubes are the moose's antlers. heheheh!

and secondly, when you really pay close attention to reproductive organs, look at them, think about what they do, and focus on every detail of them... pussy AND penis can both seem pretty weird and/or gross. i mean, these are organs which change color/shape/size when the person is aroused, secret fluids, etc... that's crazy! lol.
personally, i don't find pussy-in-general, or penis-in-general, to be totally gross or totally hot... it really depends on the person who the sexual organ is attached to. when i was hookin up with girls, i enjoyed playing-with/eating/fucking their pussies... and now that i'm with Dave, i enjoy playing-with/sucking/being-fucked-by his cock. if you love the person, you love all of them... their mind, their soul, their body... and the genitals are just one part of the body.
being "scared of penis" is really unnecessary, since it's not actually threat to you. being scared of RAPE [e.g., being raped by a man who forcefully shoves his penis into you without your consent], now THAT is scary. so dicks in porn are ESPECIALLY nothing to be scared of, because you know that all of the girls who are getting fucked totally consented to be there [not to mention the fact that they are getting paid lots of $]. however, when i watch porn, i generally prefer the girl-girl sex... since i do agree that the female body and female sexuality are more beautiful, sexy, and erotic than male. i also don't have much desire to look at naked men [or their dicks] on a screen, since i have a boyfriend who i love very much, who also happens to exercise hard-core and has a super-sexy body that turns me on like nothing else. Dave's dick is my favourite dick in the world. it is big, beautiful, circumcised [like every good jewboy], tastes yummy, smells yummy, feels so good in my mouth [and in other parts of me]... and the fact that we're in love is really the glue that strengthens our mutual sexual-attraction and sexual-comfort with eachother.

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im not so much "scared" just

im not so much "scared" just not interested. i think the main thing is that i just havent found a guy ive felt strong feelings for like you have w dave. yu are right its the person attached to genitals that determines the physical attraction. right now, ill settle for either

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omg it does look like a

omg it does look like a

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See! It does look like a

See! It does look like a deer!

And then "Cervical Mucus". I about died when I heard that...

Then seeing that baby come out... That umbilical cord... That bloody head... UGH GROSS!

"It's a beautiful thing" MY ASS! Having another organism come out of your hoo-hoo is not a beautiful thing. It's disturbing...

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youre funny. but youre

youre funny. but youre right. havin babies is gross. no vagina should ever get that big.

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Like a deer?

That's a new one.

Do I shock you darling?
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