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Well I should have saved because I just tried to write an introduction and clicked on the wrong thing so it erased EVERTHING. Sweet. NEW BLOGGER TIME!!!

Let me run through myself quickly. I am an openly gay 17 year old male living in Upstate New York with my two should-be-divorced-but-aren't parents and my psychotic cat, Cali. I do sculpture, acting, dance, photography, singing, and music composition. Unlike most seniors I push myself very hard (I'm near the top of my class and am currently taking 6APs...kill me) and I'm hoping to go to MIT for Physics, but I have yet to receive a response. My favorite music genres are electronic/electroclash, alternative/indie, pop, dance, etc. I'm the founder and president of my school's Gay-Straight Alliance (this year). I've been a vegan for over a year and consider myself a secular humanist (but don't call me an atheist, because my beliefs are slightly different and represent a different focus).

On a note: I am single and have never had a relationship, leading to a constant source of traditional teenage angst, which is the REAL cause of global warming.

Let me take a moment to introduce you to people you'll be hearing of in the future:

DL - My main current crush object (17, birthday around three weeks before mine). Cute gay guy in the GSA with several piercings including a tongue stud, he's a stable boyfriend but a bit of slut when single, talented sculptor and photographer, amazing body, somewhat a friend of mine. It's still difficult for me to talk normally with him, adding to my frustration and confusion because he's so cute and so talented (fairly smart too - those are some good genes) BUT he has a boyfriend that he snapped while I was trying to slowly become friends with him. Oh and he tends to like the spectrum of black guys, which I am certainly not.

CC - DL's boytoy/boyfriend, a 16 yo junior at some school. Also has a good body. Bit of an attention whore.

VG - My best friend, though we've been slowly drifting apart this year so I'm not sure what to call her anymore. We've been close for over two years and I've loved it. We help with each other's problems, though we've had our share of fights (actually just her yelling at me and me saying I'm sorry, because I'm a passive/peaceful type of person) and tears.

Dad & Mom - Self-explanatory.

HB - My ex-main crush object and first guy that I liked that was actually gay. I met him during Carnegie Mellon Pre-College '07. He's a gorgeous, very outgoing, talented California boy who was there for musical theater (cliche, I know, be he's actually very smart). Things ended badly after I couldn't deal with my feelings for him well and after feeling ignored for a period of time after the program I wrote this scathing love/hate letter that I've regretted ever since (one of many regrets). he probably thinks I'm crazy, which I am, but in a bad way. We only talk now on a very brief and infrequent occasion.

Thank you and have a pleasant Sunday. I personally have the joy of reading Kaftka's Metamorphoses, writing two essays, preparing for tomorrow's GSA meeting, gathering stuff together for my NASA internship application, and spending several hours volunteering at an Easter Carnival for National Honor Society. Pure happiness.



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welcome to the site! y'know

welcome to the site! y'know I think there's another person here with "Halcyon" in their username... but I'm not sure. ANyway, nice to meetcha!

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welcome to oasis. :D ~"And

welcome to oasis. :D

~"And this is how the dreams of the disenfranchised are born! It's a series of humiliating events, each followed by the rallying cry of 'Someday you'll all be sorry! I'M GONNA BE A STAR! I'm gonna have my own special on GAY CABLE!"--Alec Mapa~

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Heya!I love the way u've

Heya!I love the way u've introduced yourself! welcome to oasis...its quite addictive :D

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If you're both gay, there's never a need to warm up to people first. I have found that actually always works against you. People who dated and it didn't work out often become friends. People who were boyfriends often become friends. People who start as friends almost never cross the other way, though.

And... you say slut like it's a bad thing?! :-)

Welcome to the site.


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