it is a sad world

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it is a sad world when a tv is more importent then your own daughter
the idiot box wins over me anyday
i was going to hang out with my friend today
we planed it all out and i asked my mom she said maybe in the morening and to ask her later
so i did
she said yes but then i told her i needed a ride home first caz i had fallen into a puttle of mud moments b4 at skool
so when she gets to my skool to pick me up i said if u jest take me home i will change then walk to lakes
her reply was
no you cant go
then she muddered under her breath for a while
i asked why she changed her mind and she said she had plans
so now we are home and what are these oh so improtent plans?
she is watching tv
she takes out all of her anger or annoyence on me
i try so hard to invalve her in my life but she just doesnt care
when my sister was my age so would let no one read her poetry
and my mother would go behind her back to read it
if i try and read something to her she says oh thats nice while looking deep into the screen of a tv
i wish she would care
or at lest not make me feel like shit on a day to day bassis
i have learning disabilitys
i try so hard in skool its unimaginable
but i still have c-d grades
it takes me hours apone hours to do the simple pre-algabra problems they give me for homework and i still almost always get them wrong
i would ask my mom for help but when i dont understand something she just puts me down over it
she cant understand how i dont understand it
she was so harsh about it that she would put me in tears every time i needed help so i just stoped asking...
it is a sad world when someone would rather make there chiled cry then help them learn
its a sad world when a child has to put her mother to bed when she is drunk
it is a sad world when that child's father is also an alchohalic drug addic who beat and torcherd her with crule words
it is a sad world when that young child was abused by the only one she trusted
yes it is truly a sad world
i cant stand liveing in this world that was created around me
i wish i could just fall into an eturnal sleep
it is as peaceful as things can get in this world of mine