"It's complicated"....wtf?

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okay so winnie's status on facebook went from single to "It's complicated".... last night. I havent talked to her since Friday so i am worried that my hopes could be shattered what do you all think?


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Wait...facebook status means

Wait...facebook status means something?

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do u know what facebook is?

Facebook is like Myspace ?
i dunno if it should mean something...or not?

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Yes, I know what facebook

Yes, I know what facebook is.

But I don't put a lot of stock in the status portion of it unless I actually know that the person is in a relationship. I mean, I'm apparently married on facebook and I'm totally single, and I have a friend who's actually married and has it set to complicated....

I say talk to her and see if she mentions anything.

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i guess...

but she in a friends with beneifts deal right now so thus i am a bit worried!

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'it's complicated' can also

'it's complicated' can also mean someone is interested in someone/ a relationship is sort-of, maybe starting so they're not totally available but they're not actually seeing anyone it's complicated.

So if that ambigious person is you, then you're in luck.

also, what goes on facebook is often bollocks