Jungles of Truth

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Where has my life gone? In the past two months it seems I've undergone massive amounts of change and yet I still feel the same when the sun goes down. Now, today my friend approached Mitch and tried to mend things between us today and he said it was "too late" and that the "friendship was over." And I can admit my actions were brash, putting him on blast on the internet. I should have written it on paper, I really should have.

Let's not pretend that I wasn't angry at them because I really was, and it was totally stupid and misplaced, but then they started adding bits and pieces about how I was fake for not approaching them and that my apologies are bullshit, which just adds salt to the wound because the stark reality of it was hard enough.
But everywhere I've ever been for the past three years has been with them. It's like a brother & sister disowned me over a blog that really means nothing because it's a betrayal of my true feelings for them: total and complete love.