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Okay, Ladies and Gents before you read this with an objective eye bare in mind the tags that accompany this post! My classmate Meghan came home on the bus with me yesturday so we could finish a project for Canadian Business law. Meghan and I had planned that she would stay the night and mom would drive her back today! she and I finished the assigment and then watched movies til 2am then went to bed.
At some point during our movie fest my laptop was on and signed into msn but i was "away" and the girl. i have a thing for, Winnie signed in. I was over the moon. she and I went to high school together (but never said all of two words to eachother and she wouldn't meet my eye.) and she and I only started talking because a mutual friend told me that appearently we were "perfect" for eachother. The first night Winnie and I spoke on msn, we ended up staying online til 3am and it felt like old friends. then last night we were talking again and i asked her for coffee and then she invited me to a peace rally in our local park afterward. I asked her if I could let her know re: the peace rally on the day of and she said of course. but coffee seems to be a go I don't know what to think is she into me or is she just being my friend here...shes single but currently doing the friends with benefits thing with a trans chick so like is she actually single? shes not trans her self and despite the fact that she never spoke to me in high school some thing about her always intridged me
what do you all think? pleas respond!!! I am soo nervious


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Hmm well it does seem like

Hmm well it does seem like she is enthusiastic to spend time with you,which is always a plus when you want to know if someone is into you.I think the best thing you can do is maybe feel the situation out by spending time with her and seeing how that goes.Like see how well you guys click when you are together and go from there...
Thats the best advice I got on the situation I hope it works out for you..

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Friends with benefits = single.


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