Last Dream Standing

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This time my entry's about Lass.

For the past few weeks I've been plagued by spontaneous dreams about Lass ever since our friendship entered its silent desert. This is the third time its had her and the second time its been ONLY her. And it seems like each dream connects to something I was going to confront her about in real-time.

Like, in the dream before the one I'm about to explain, it was about me giving her the Chemistry test she left at my house and she laughed and said "Gimme dat shit!" in a ghetto-fied voice and we both laughed. That's something we normally do, make fun of ghetto people.

The night I had that dream I found her Chemistry test in my bag and decided to give it to her the next day.

In the dream last night I was at some sort of Gay Youth meeting at a church (in and out) and she texted me saying something about 'soft' or 'sigh' and then I met her at this cloudy place and we just started talking about something...can't remember what it was much...but it was one of those philosophical/quantum physics discussions...And she looked very somber and thoughtful and I felt warmhearted..

I don't know what any of this means.