life love and death

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i am racking my brain for something meaningful to say
something that will make people think
something other then all the qustions on my mind
i belive in 3 things in this world more then anything
life, love and death
i have felt these things many times in my life and i am sure most of you have too
when people think of love it is thought to be romantic
but when i see love i think of my family
i would give my life in an instance to save theirs
i have never known a bownd stronger then that of witch we share
we have felt so much pain in the past but it has only made us stronger
yet the truest thing ever known was last on this day
a life
i have felt pain and experynced death in the past but never felt it this deep
to see the sorrow in my mothers eyes as she said goodbye to the that loved her most
the only way i can imagin such pain is to reflect on the love and hurt i would feel if i were to ever lose her
for the first time in my life i truly saw death
it was pure and simple
unlike life in many ways
to me the only meaning in this world of ours is life love and death...


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You only need to worry about life and love, though. Those are the only two you can control. If you get those two right, then death is a breeze.


"Be like a postage stamp. Stick to one thing until you get there." -- Josh Billings.

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