Lost and Delirious :)

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This movie is awesome!
I cried my ass out.Its so touching and romantic.Their love is so elevating and absolute...
They arent necasserily lesbians...Its just that their love for each other is as Best friends is SO intense that they just need to express it in that way...
I kinda connect to it.I mean,till date,watever relations ive had with a chick,its because im waaaayyy close to her.Basically,that girl would always be my best friend first.
Like now,i am in a relationship wit D.You know,my best friend.Who i hooked up with a year back.But today she asked me out "officially".She had been flirting quite a lot these past days.I dont say i dint enjoy it,cuz i did.So much,that i flirted back everytime.Thats why i said yes to her.That and the fact that i CANT say *no* to her. I just cant hurt her.Plus,i need it.I need someone else.Desperately.It will help me,ya know?
Anyways,back to the movie,its such a powerfull love story.Its beautiful...the way they have potrayed the characters and their love.But its sad the way people discriminate love on the basis on gender.It disgusts me.Why cant people just let go and accept us the way we are??!!
Lost and Delirious made me cry because i was touched by the beauty of their love.I cried because this world is unfair and you cant do anything about it.I cried because i could connect to the main girl in the movie.I cried because my story kinda relates to it...except i wunt let it be so tragic.
But overall,Its worth a watch.You must watch it.Make it a point.It stars Piper Perabo,Jessica Pare and Misha Burton.Piper is amazing at acting! Misha looks so cute and innocent! She was quite young in this movie...Hers a link to the movie's fan site:http://www.lost-and-delirious.com/movie_index.htm
If you watch this movie,watch Imagine and You also.It starts the same Piper chick.
This piper chick goes in my list *Girls i would love to fuck*