march 17.

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so uhm...
i havnt posted a blog in a long time,
its prolly cuz my mom didnt pay the bill and our internet got shut off!
yup, thats it.
so uhm....
i have made a descision over the past day or so and...
i only like one girl.
and im going to fight for her.
im not going to tell you her name but... i believe she knows who she is.
i cannot wait to see her.
it'll be amazing.
i have waited long enough and i believe i've earned her.
i have been patient, loyal,trustworthy,
i have been there while she cried and laughed.
i have always been happy with her :)
so yea, i still have to be patient tho, i cannot see her till this summer,
and thats if her mom says its okay.
so uhm...
you all might wonder why shes so amazing and taken over my thoughts during history... and physical science... and every other class 1-7((all))
and well... its because....
shes beautiful,
shes funny,
shes not afraid to be herself,
she honest even if its not what you want to hear
she likes my accent,
she makes an effort for me,
well yea,
me and her had an amazing phone convo,
dont worry, it wasnt dirty at all ((lol))
it carried on from about 10pm-2am tho.
nice eh?
my accent is english/british
and no its not permanant i only do it at certain times
when im: tired/pissed off/shocked/early in the morning/when im turned on((sometimes, i have learned to control that one))/etc.
so yea.
love you all.


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that was so sweet
i like teared up a little
dont ask im a emotional girl