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so uhm...
last night me and meghan were on the phone.
i feel like an ass...
cuz at the beggining of the convo i just blabbered on about absalutely nuthing and didnt take the time to notice she was crying,
i believe she was trying to hide it from me.
and, it worked, until she sniffled and let out a small sigh,
my heart skipped a beat and i was like
"omg im a fukkn asshole" in my head ofcourse.
but after that, i made her spill it all,
what was upsetting her,
what had happened...
ya know, the usual that comes to mind when your crush is crying?
well... turns out her mom is being the typical religious mum.
hateing anything thats not the normal
"prim/proper/pink/teachers pet" little girl.
meghan's more....
how would you say
meghan does nothing wrong and her mom comes down on her for nuthing at all.
i did feel accomplished towards the middle of the convo,
after she explained and i started to talk and sort my thoughts after picturing how cute she must be when she crys and the fact that i wished i could be there but wasnt.
i was although happy when i made her smile and giggle a little.
i also said somthing that made her reply
"your sweet"
which made me smile the rest of the night,
which became extremely creepy to "kla" ((lol))
but yea, i smiled so much, i always do on the nights when i talk to meghan.
i cant help myself.
i really hope she likes me back....
god do i.....

but on other news,
my ex who thinks we're getting back together told me today that shes tired of waiting around for me to tell her weather we will date or not again and i said "then dont wait" she was like "wtf?" i was like "if you want to date someone else i really dont care" and she thought i got mad cuz she wanted to date someone else but im not i honestly could care less if she wants to go date some "emo guy" hes really just a poser with cool hair and crappy music. but whatever floats her boat, i personally find her disgusting but thats prolly cuz, 1) shes my ex. 2) i only like one girl.
point proven or what?
the thing that humors me tho about the guy that likes her and the guy that she will prolly date is the fact that he started liking her the same day i told him i didnt like him like that, so technically, she's the rebound and the source of him getting closer to me, whatever... im lesbian, nuff said.