member the lesbians in my bathtub?

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so yea, the lesbians that were makeing out in my bathtub are amazing.
we hung out till like.... 11:00 last night.
it was like... mind blowing-ly hillarious.
boy do lesbians have a sense of humor,
there were phrases used like "fatty dance"
and "aqua man"
we talked about ex's and "futures"
and we played "super lesbian" duh duh duh duh!
we got kicked out of a grocery store.
and i watches my friend snort some salt and pepper.
hah, lol.
we also each made a fake penis for ourselves out of condems that were 1.99 for three condems, i was wondering why they were so cheap..
then i found out when amber tried to blow one up and it popped in her face!
okay, so yea,
i gotta go, my mom wants me off.


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XDDD Yeah, lesbians are

Yeah, lesbians are sorta awesome... <("<) ^("^) (^")^ (>")>

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Many wins. I want lesbians

Many wins. I want lesbians in my bathtub. =D

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I'm one of the lesbians that were in the bathtub hahaha!!!!.. that was so much fun!. i was so fucked up haha.!!. my name isn't AMBER! ugh!. that makes me really really angry!. all well that was such an awesome night ! <3