...more than a lover.

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& more than a friend.

"i love you thats why i need you". my gf just told me that. my reply, "i'll always be here for you". lame huh? lol. god. i love this girl. why?; [the way she looks at me and smiles cause i know that she truly loves me back...just in that look]&[the way she laughs cause although its at me it shows how down to earth she is]&[the way she holds me cause just being close to her makes me feel safe and relaxed]&[her quirky, loud, energetic, hyper nature cause its funny and cute although a lil irking at times]...gosh i could go on but thats alright, you get the idea right? lol. i also like the fact how we can have good communication&have great SEX!
yes. the sex is unbelieveable. and as much as my past gfs have tried...she actually made me come which also surprised me. lol. well. i got to head to bed, school in the morn. i'll continue this later ;p


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you have a gf! in Hawaii! which means you get to like surf and swim with her in little hot bikinis all year round! happy for you:)