My Big Fat Gay Rant

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This is my rant on homophobia.

It makes me mad when people say really stupid things. My roommate thinks that her dog is gay because he checked himself out in a mirror and he crosses his legs. If that's all it took for a guy to be gay, then every guy would be gay. After she said this I said something about what if her child was gay. She was like "I don't know what I would do if my child was gay." Are you serious? What are you going to do, disown them? You would want to kick them out of the house if they were gay? It's like saying that someone wouldn't want to keep their child if they found out they had special needs or were deaf or something like that. I don't mean to compare gayness to disabilities, I'm just trying to make a point. Why does it make a difference? I once heard this one girl compare homosexuality to pedophilia. She was saying something about how gay people need therapy. This is a really depressing journal entry. I'm sorry. I just need to get some stuff out. I just wish my roommate weren't so homophobic. She claims that she's not but if you wish that your future child were to only be heterosexual then ur obviously not a fan of gay people. I don't care how many gay guys that ur friends with. Whenever I think about coming out to her, it makes me want to cry. Like I am right now. I hate being in the closet but I'd rather be in the closet than have someone looking at me like I'm a second-class citizen.


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"I don't know what I would

"I don't know what I would do if my child was gay" does not necessarily translate to "I'd probably stop loving my child if she/he was gay." Maybe she doesn't know what she'd do about a deaf child either, or a difficult child, or any sort of child. Parenting is difficult to anticipate. Also, hoping your child has a lower chance of getting bullied in school and constantly harassed in later life is not the same as being against homosexuality... it would be homophobia if her reason was only that it would be wrong and gross.
People have screwed up views about gays. It just means they're uneducated about us. The best thing to do is defend your views calmly and rationally. Being mad at people for things they can't help - like ignorance - is useless... even though it's also totally understandable that you're frustrated.
It's sort of a blessing to be gay now rather than, say, black in the 1950's - you can't hide your skin color, but you can hide your heart.

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I agree with Grace. I think you're viewing the world through that specific closeted lens, mainly as a means of "Well, there's another reason I cant be out."

So, if you'd rather stay in the closet that risk anyone in your life thinking about you or treating you differently, then sounds like you're staying closeted. That assurance will never come. Of course, the point is, why would you go to such great lengths to keep people in your life who only love you for as long as you lie to them?

Also, why is it wrong to call something gay, but OK to call it fat? If you're going to go PC, you have to go all the way. :-)


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