my family, homosexuality, and regilion

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I read one of the forum topics on here discussing how your family reacted to one's coming out especially from a religious up bringing. So I thought I would share my experiences. But please note, by no means in any way shape or form, am I an authority or do I consider myself an authority with regards to issues of homosexuality or religion or any combination of the two.
I don't consider myself all that religious...but I do have a strong sense of faith. My mom was raised the daughter of a minister and my uncle followed in his father's footsteps and is now a minister in his own right. But neither of them (didn't meet my grandfather) seemed like bible thumpers, my uncle certainly is not. The ministers in my family both worked/work within the United Church of Canada. I always wondered (before I came out) how my immediate and extended family would react especially given the strong sense of faith in our blood :) little did I know I would soon find out the answer. Some years ago, my cousin (we will call her M.) and I were sitting outside at my grandma’s having a discussion with regard to the then recent passing of the law supporting gay marriage. It was a conversation that has never left me. It continued into a statistical analysis of our 14 first cousins because with that many of us it should be at least two who are LGBTQ. This of course before anyone was out, the next June rolled around and I was talking to my other cousin H. H and I were talking about what she had done that weekend that had just past and she said that she went to pride with her partner (the first lesbian in the family) so she over the next six months came out to our whole family and they love her partner as one of us. Seeing this positive reaction I came out shortly there after and as for M. she is a closeted bisexual :)LOL. My family is VERY accepting.


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haha you gotta love

haha you gotta love Accepting families. My aunt is a lesbian so even my grandma is cool with it. We just can't forget how lucky we are. There are so many people who aren't lucky enough to be accepted by their loved ones.

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my cousin

my cousin h brought her partner s to grans 90th bday and introduced to any one and everyone as her partner damn i am soooooooooo jelous its crazy I want what she has....So sick of being single!

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Haha that's wonderful ^^ I

Haha that's wonderful ^^ I second Llama, accepting families are wonderful!!!

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