my first boyfriend! totally breathless.

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this has just been magical, these last few days. everything is moving so fast, im scared that it shouldnt, but its exhilerating!!!

we met on the 3rd.
had our first date on the 6th.
our first kiss on the 10th.

i love him already, and thats scary, in a good way though. i met A at uni. we became friends, and then one night, we organised to go see a play with our friends, as drama students do. well that night didnt happen, so A and i decided to go on our own. after much mutual flirting it was decided that it was a date. well, after that night things just shot forward. i cant stop thinking about him, he consumes me. i kissed him last night. it was 6.30 and he walked me to my car. he was leaning on the side of my little car. i opened my door, put my bag in. i turned to him, and without saying anything i kissed him. i kissed him hard. it was passionate and deep and sexy and long. we'd been holding it in for 4 days, we were desperate for this. i loved it, finally i was kissing someone i had real feelings for. best kiss of my life so far. he made me hard.

he's beautiful, inside and out. i was wrong when i wrote he's a self hating homo. he's beautiful. i love him. oh god is this quick! he makes me breathless and makes me smile and makes me feel good about myself. i have problems with my weight - im not obese, but i have baby fat. he makes me feel good. he calls me handsome as a pet name ( i call him tiger when im feeling playful, babe in general talk). im so unbelievably happy!

ME! HAPPY! all i needed was the love of a good man, apparently. he takes my loneliness away. i never thought id feel so wonderful. i finally GET what love is. i can listen to those songs, and truly understand what they mean!!!

all i can say is, WOW. lol *beams*


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Look! It's the release of

Look! It's the release of the gay pheromones!
I swear all homosexuals (at least male - that's my only perspective, sorry girls) build up pheromones, because they live in a heterosexual culture and don't want the hetero's to go all stupid on them. But when they find a prospect, they just release crazy from the pheromone reservoirs.

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i know right? A and i are

i know right? A and i are moving so fast, but we've deduced that its because its an outlet, in a way. not that i only see him in that way, but ive had to wait a while longer than my heterosexual counterparts to go crazy in the sexual/relationship sense! and i lied before, uni started on the 3rd, and i'd met him on the 25th of feb during orientation. i know its not all that important, but it is to me! lol

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First experience at College?
I had mine in MIDDLE SCHOOL!

Well... I guess my family likes to start young...
In fact, my brothers and I all lost our virginity before the age of 15...
Oh - but they don't know I lost it... I think...

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Congratulations sweetie. I'm

Congratulations sweetie. I'm very happy for you.

Please visit my Myspace Profile and add me as a friend.

- Pat Nelson Childs
"bringing strong gay characters to Sci-Fi & Fantasy"

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well i'm sorry azul, but i

well i'm sorry azul, but i was so scared of my sexuality that it took me until i was halfway thru my senior year before i began to come out to my friends. i then had to wait until this year before i could meet someone half way decent, as the only gay guys at my all boys catholic school were either my close friends or were totally feral. it doesnt help that in the small city i live in, nothing caters for the meeting of a nice boy.