my neck hurts...

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my life is no where near as confusing as it has been lately
i am the happyest i have been in a long time
and shockingly i am glad all the drama between shelby amy and i happend
i learnd alot about myself and i got an amazing friend out of it
not to menchin amy and i actually talk
not like evil glar "how are you" secretly wishing to stab one another talking i mean on a friendship leavel
it makes me happy
caz well if you know me you know that i dont like the idea of hate
i know it is a feeling that is felt by all at one time or another but at all costs i avoide it
and i thought i would end up being extremly jealous of her and that turning into hate
but its quite the opposite
i am really happy for them

and now on to my life
i dyed my friends hair last night
i put red streaks through out it
now her hair is black and blood red
i did not think it was posible but i made her look even sexyer then she was before
i love doing peoples hair
its fun as all hell
geting my hair dyed and dyeing my friends hair are some of the best memories i have

but as of now i must go
i am off to hang out with shelby i think