"My smile's an open wound without you...."

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Interesting couple of days. I got sunburned while cutting grass the other day and i feel that my thighs are on fire... and not in a good way. My sister had surgery last week and my other one is on crutches due t torn ligaments during a softball game. But all of those things are of no consequence. i told my mom last night that i would date a girl and that im attracted to them as well. i told her that im not writing off boys. she seems okay with it. hasnt mentioned it since. i also, on a whim of bravado, told my eldest sister about the same thing. that i think im bisexual and that i like girls. she dont care. her response was, "oh lord, i always thought it would be kaitlyn." lol i did too but kate seems to think its me. when i told her about ez, she seems shocked to the core that i was with a guy bc she had always imagined me to be a lesbian. well, she was right. whether or not she really believes all this, i dont kno.

i had a "fight" w my best friend last night. well lets just call it a disagreement. i love him and he thinks that if he says everything on his mind that our differences of opinion will turn us against one another. no. i do not fear his words. and his truth holds no insecurity for me. nothing is worth losing him. he wants a normal life. nothing is wrong with that. its just so normal.

so, she really signed up. she is really leaving me. i cannot even comprehend my emotions on this subject. i miss her already.