My TV is Green

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My tv is green and i need to tv hasnt been the proper color ever since i can remember. its cheap, what can i expect? im just using this as a procrastination mechanisim. i should be studying but there are like four ppl in here talking about dying, drinking and eight-teen wheelers, and styrofoam cups being dinted during an almost car wreck. how can i study with such noise, i fi ignore everyone as i am doin now maybe they will, keith and mal went to the union to eat and we come back and my roommate is sleeping. you can imagine my surprise considering she went home last night and is supposed to be at work. everyone around me is sick and i can feel it comin on.
only a few of my very close friends kno about my attraction to girls and i get the occaisional jokes, but they really are cool with it. i mean, they cannot live without me so they need to get used to me.except im still getting use to me. lily called me...she prollhy wants me to go by her place to study but i hate leaving campus. i have a really good parking spot. my room is dirty becasue my roommate is a mess, literally. her side the room looks like a pile of shit just everywhere. some of it has leaked to my bored and my tv is green. is nothing in life fair?