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Yesterday was my last day at work. I quit my job 2 Mondays ago because of stress issues and uneasiness resulting from unethical processes at the company I worked at.

Everyone I worked with expressed their general dismay at my act of resigning with their little statements of, "We'll miss you", "Pleasure working with you", "You're going to go very far", etc. I'll definitely miss everyone I worked with in HR, I'll miss all their quirky attitudes and habits, I'll miss the unusual interruptions of my workday, I'll miss all the stories we told as the workday unfolded. I don't harbor any bad feelings towards anyone in that department, even though there were some people I disliked more than others. I actually dislike the company as a whole machine (as well as the rich bastards running the show), but not the people working there.


Remember my friend H? The one I mentioned in my last entry with the dream? Yeah, I keep thinking about him a lot... for the moment I'm just trying to be more friendly around him, nothing more. We had some unusual moments in the past week though:

So early on in the week, I'm walking with him to 5th period, and he made some remark, and I said something like, "Damn, I'm more retarded than I thought!" and he said, "Yeah I know." and I yelled at him and told him that wasn't very nice and he just laughed it off. Bastard.

Then, in art class (it's the only period we have together), we were working on this design thing, and he kept staring at me, and I kept saying What? and he's just like, "Nothing". And there was this one time when we just stared at each other and didn't say anything.

And yesterday, he was having difficulties sharpening a pencil (LOL), and after seeing me do it, he asked me to sharpen one of his pencil. It was cute but pathetic at the same time.