oggled with her eyes!

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I had to report a funny event that happened yesterday.

At school, there's a girl who sets my gaydar off very clearly. She dresses a lot like me with the boys shirts and jeans and a loose fitting jacket. She's actually quite cute, blonde hair down to her ears or a little longer, a nice face. Young, though [freshman]. And I swear to God this girl likes those of her kind.

Here's the kicker: she has a boyfriend. I've witnessed the macking before they part ways and head to class. Of course, I had a boyfriend once upon a time and I'm sure that threw people way off.

After creative writing, my friends from that class and I usually pass her in the hallway. We were talking about something gay [I think I was teasing them that they are, even though they aren't] and we were walking towards this girl.

"Speaking of gay, this girl doesn't know it yet, but totally is!" And we start to pass her and she looks over at me. I look away, look back, still looking at me, in fact, not at my face, but rather my full body [or my shoes, pants, or something]. She doesn't stop looking until we're passed her. One of my friends noticed and we started cracking up. She said "She totally oggled you with her eyes!" Haha.

I thought it was so funny that this girl had blatantly checked me out directly after I said that about her. I mean, maybe she just liked something about my outfit or something, but still a funny happening.


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oh my ghaa! i have had

oh my ghaa!
i have had something like that happen befor i ended up dateing the chick tho.

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Hehe!she finds you

Hehe!she finds you attractive,doesnt she? =D sheesh,if only she dint have a boyfriend,such a set back! blah,but she oggled at you!:D
Oh and i like your dressing style...boy shirts? Those flannel types?Thats one thing that really really works on bisexuals and lesbians [think Shane].
You go girl! =]

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Nah not flannels. T-shirts,

Nah not flannels. T-shirts, sweaters, that kinda stuff. Shane-ish.

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and thank you! =]

and thank you!

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XD irony is a wonderful

XD irony is a wonderful thing.

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