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I haven't written an entry in some time, but I have been reading everyone else's.

Yesterday was my eighteenth birthday, and it was actually a really good day considering how things have been on or off lately. I'm pretty excited for various reasons, but I'm kind of afraid that since I'm not legally bound to my dad, I'm at a bigger risk of being kicked out.

Things with my dad have been..not changing. He still has not moved in any direction towards accepting me, and I don't really think he will anytime soon. In fact, I think he's just dropped it completely and has tried to forget about. It's like a vain attempt of ignoring something, and thus it not being there. I just wish he would get over himself. Honestly, I'm just afraid that he's going to find concrete evidence that I'm dating my gf again, and he'll use that as reason not to see her.

My gf and I have had a bad few months. But I think things are finally getting worked through, and things are being forgiven. Which is good, because fighting is not good, and she really does mean a lot to me. I just love being with her, and I hope things work out for the better this time, and I don't do anything that will jeopardize anything. AND she got me daisies for my birthday :D (...I have an obsession)

OH, I got into my first choice school - NYU. And I was so excited about that, it was the best birthday gift ever. I just hope I can get the money and scholarships to be able to go there. It would be amazing.


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happy birthday! that sucks

happy birthday!

that sucks about your dad, just remember to keep accepting yourself no matter what he thinks. ANd the daisies thing is kinda adorable.

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