over compensation

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Sometimes I think I talk about it too much, monopolize conversation, work it into every situation, twist perspectives, think about it too much, bring it up uneccesarily, make it too known, am too righteous and defensive.

My friends, my mom, my word documents, my mind are all exhausted.

I need gay friends.


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I recently made a

I recently made a livejournal entry regarding this very same issue, needing more lesbian friends...

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Sometimes it's hard for

Sometimes it's hard for anyone to relate to you, and it'd be nice to have that a little more, right?

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I'm not sure if it's needing

I'm not sure if it's needing someone to relate to or just a general tiredness of the majority population...

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aaww! i guess we all are in

aaww! i guess we all are in the same boat! i would love to have a gang of gay friends...i know a few...around 6-7 of em...of which,3 are my really close friends. but im greedy for more :]
and you think about stuff a bit too much? welcome to my world =P