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so i totally broke down today...
my mom said something along the lines of hateing my hair and my look and my basic personality
i have no idea why it hurt like it did
but it was that final thing that pushed me to snap
all the little hurtful things that have been said just build up until i could not handle it
i cryed for quite some time and started to go into a panic attack
then i called haylee to try and calm down
at first i did not speak
just simple words while she rambled untell she heard my sniffles from the tears
we spoke for a short while but it helped alot
she was really sweet and made me feel like less of a fuck up
she was also able to make me smile at least for a moment when i was at the point of no return
normaliy when i panic and go into that stage of my emotions there is nothing that can get me out of it
i am ok now for the most part
still stuck in my mind
but its not as bad as before

so i am going to be reading one of my poems at this skool wide thing where chossen students share there work
i have to stand infront of a tun of people and read it
i think i might faint but i still really want to do it

"so tell me when your gonna let me in, im getting tired and i need somewhere to begen" -keane


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this makes me smile.