Pretty Odd Indeed

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Spring break was relaxing, which is a good way of saying that was 'boring. I babysat and got my haircut. Stories to fill a lifetime, I'm sure. I left my novel for class and my computer charger at home so, I had to journey on down to the westbank with two of my best friends to meet my mom. We did a little shopping but I really hate shopping (unless its for books or movies) and so the trip ended with me picking up some girl in my class (we arent even friends) Canes because she asked me to. I cannot say no to people. It literally is a defect in my personality. I am taken advantage of but little do those bastards know I am going to learn how to be a bitch one of these days.

Last night, downloaded Panic's new album. First impressions are a killer because my roommate and I hated it adamently and stongly at first. Of course, I had to give those weirdos another chance and I actualy ended up liking it. It is really odd. Different. Happy, I suppose. I did feel like I was sucked into their clothing, however.

Now, it seems everyone knows I like girls. Last night my two sisters called me and asked me and apparently my family has been discussing this together. Court was like, "we love you its cool. now call me tomorrow. I'm busy." lol

on that note...