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So I want to buy pride merchandise but I don't think I'll wear the stuff. I think I have to be out to wear rainbows. There are some really cute earrings out there tho. This hopefully will be a motivational tool to help me come out sooner. I want to do it before I turn 21 at least. That gives me about 8 months. That should be enough time. Then I can go to all the lesbian bars. That would be so much fun. So today I went to "Women's Night Out" at our rec center. I got some jewelry and this really cool bowl that was actually kind of expensive. I just got a credit card and I'm afraid I'm going to go into debt because of it. I'm really bad about spending money on things I don't need. I talked to a lady there who is hopefully going to help me become a pampered chef consultant. I would make money and get a good percentage off their merchandise. It sounds so exciting. I love buying kitchenware. I'm sure I wouldn't save any money on buying their things since they are so expensive but I don't care. I went to this concert that was benefiting aids orphans. It was cool. The one band was good but kind of loud. I felt good about helping out tho.


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You don't have to be out to

You don't have to be out to wear rainbows! Unless they're like those 'HEY LOOK I'M GAY!' rainbows...And if someone says something, and you don't want to tell them you're gay, just be like 'Actually...I just thought they were cool.' =]

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Yeah... it seems to me, unless they're the "HEY LOOK I'M GAY" type of rainbows, that no one will really notice... UNLESS they themselves are gay, in which case maybe you want them to know. Discrete rainbows are just something else to tip off other LGBTQs' gaydar, something that most other people would miss. Which can be good, yes?

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Your username is 'wants to be out' you want to wear rainbow garb... it begs the question: what's the hold-up?

You're 20, so being in the closet now is by choice, no?

Clubs are fine, but certainly not required to meet people.


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You make it sound so easy.

You make it sound so easy.