Rambling. Really, don't bother.

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I'm kinda thinking maybe I should stop buying clothes like crazy... Like... NOT check every single day to see if a new line is out, and NOT constantly lurking on egl_comm_sales...
Okay so... maybe I'm not allowed to buy any more clothes until I graduate, or something like that. Because seriously, I find myself waaaay too attached to those dresses. And what's worse, is I know I have plenty of outfits, but I keep telling myself "Oh no, but I still need *something*"
But I HAVE plenty of shit - and I just got a new dress in the mail.
Soooooo..... I really really really really need to fix that habit before I get my own credit card and shit. That could end up ugly.
I don't like the fact that I'm starting to feel soooo materialistic.........
And besides, I could start setting aside some of my lolita money and instead start my trip to Europe fund.
Because I want to go SOOOO bad... I just don't know when. Maybe next summer, or the summer after that.... I know I want to visit Germany, and hopefully I could also go to Finland and FINALLY meet Minni.
This next week is going to be AWESOME. Tuesday, we have wonky CAHSEE testing scheduling, Wednesday, I'll be visiting a community college instead of going to class, and Thursday, me and Maki are going to Disneyland, then Saturday, we're going to go see Wicked for my birthday.
Ahaha... meetups always make me broke.
Ohhhh shit. I need to get some more driving time in really fast - if I want to get my license ASAP, I need to learn how to paralell park.
And get better at switching lanes in scary Oxnard traffic - yet another thing to add to my list of reasons why I hate going there - I almost got us hit by a semi last night, which was absolutely brilliant of me and all. But at least I've finally almost stopped being so insanely tense just thinking about it. Every time I drive, I'm convinced the cops will pull me over just for not doing anything wrong - but that's probably because that always happened to my friend's back home.
I'm not a good driver lately... Whatever. I just need to cram in more practice.
But the fact that I can remember everything about turning that corner and the horn honking and all that shit... ugh. I don't want to be able to remember all of that, because it makes me paranoid about driving.
I still can't find my retainers. I figure... I'll just keep cleaning my room until I forget everything about stupid driving and the stupid future and stupid everything. Mostly 'cause Bitchface aka my sister is trying to get a job - probably just so she can yell at me some more about what I don't do. Whatever... I don't care. She's 15, and in my general experience, that's the most horrible age EVER.
Ahahah... 15.... lets not think about that.
End rambling, 'cause I don't knoooooow why...


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Easy fix...

I use this method with books: I'm allowed to buy as many books as I want... from the money I make selling the books I'm not reading/don't want anymore.

So, take older clothes and stuff you no longer care to own/wear to a thrift store, if it's more high end can even sell stuff on eBay, and whatever you bring in through that, you can buy new clothes.


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