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So I'm going to Toronto... and im trying to get my sister to okay having coffee or wutevs... with a certain someone. I don't know how it's going though.
On other news i feel like it's been forever since i posted. I read the book Hero... it's soo good i definitaly recommend it.
I'm also working on my review for Lesbian Sex and Sexuality since it's been a couple months..... but i know im not the only one who has to turn in a review so i don't feel toooo bad... but i actually feel horrible.
I made it in my pit band at my school. I"m playing Clarinet.. It's very exciting. Although we're putting on the musical grease and apparently the acting and singing is really horrible this year. I'm a little scared.
I went to a neighbouring highschool and saw their production of Footloose last night with some friends because some other friends were in the pit band. It was okay only the male leads were any good. The female leads couldn't sing, dance or act.
I think my dinner is almost ready so i leave you with what i call Dykehalo's GLBT shelf ( I own all the books... i've read more GLBT books but they belong to friends or the library)
I still have to read
1) Girl Walking Backwards (L)
2) Dare Truth or Promise (L)
3) Kissing Kate (L)
4) Tale of Two Summers (G)
5) Orphea Proud (L.. I think)
6) Boy Girl Boy (Bi… I Think)
7) The Realm of Possibility (G)
8) Boy Meets Boy (G)
9) Same Sex in the City (L- non fiction)
10) Swimming In The Monsoon Sea (L…. I think)
11) The Straight Road to Kylie (G)
12) The God Box (G)
13) Absolutely Positively Not (G… I think)
14) Rose of No Man’s Land (L)
1) Parrotfish (FTM)
2) Dairy Queen (L… not much but a good book)
3) The Off Season (Sequel to Dairy Queen L but not much)
4) Country Girl, City Girl (L)
5) Between Mom and Jo (L)
6) Luna (MTF)
7) Far From Xanadu (L)
8) Keeping You a Secret (L)
9) Grl2Grl (mostly L)
10) Rainbow Boys (G)
11) Rainbow High (G)
12) Rainbow Road (G)
13) Drama! The Four Dorothys (G… but not much)
14) Drama! Everyone’s A Critic (G…. but not much)
15) IHOP Papers (L)
16) Totally Joe (G)
17) Empress of the World (L)
18) The Rules for Hearts (L)
19) Mosh Pit (L)
20) M or F (Bi/G)
21) Hello, Groin (L)
22) The Full Spectrum (All)
23) One of Those Hideous Books Where the Mother Dies (They say it’s L but I don’t actually remember there being gayness to it at all)
24) 13 Little Blue Envelopes (L… I think I can’t remember… another one of those they say it’s a gay book but I have no recollection of it being gay themed)
25) Man in the Middle (G… non-fiction… basketball star)
26) The Bermudez Triangle (L)
27) Ellen Degeneres My Point… and I do have one (L because of Ellen)