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This made me think of ruby it's from a link from a site she showed me.


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lol, that's actually really funny...

cuz the first time i read that [like a-year-and-a-half ago] i was like, "What the hell? who orgasms from swimming?"
but then when i decided to really get back into shape and i started swimming laps again... i realized that after i've done a certain number of lengths, and i've been going fast, i feel this sensation of almost-orgasming.
i wonder if other girl-swimmers experience this?

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Can't talk about swimming, but that happens after about three miles when I run.

"She's a mystery
She's too much for me
But I keep coming back for more
She's just the girl I'm looking for"
-The Click Five "Just the Girl"

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hmmm... i think the sexy sensations that we sometimes feel when we've been excercizing hard are caused by increased blood-flow to the sexual organs.
maybe if more girls were made aware that a good cardio workout can make you feel like you're almost cumming, then more girls would exercize?

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exercise releases

exercise releases endorphins...which make you feel good :)