Same bra!

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ok.i had a dream that i wore the same damn bra for 3-4 days continous!
That was some scary weird dream.I could actually FEEL my disgust when i woke up with a fright.
Im so strange.


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*blinks rapidly*

The fact that this issue plagued you in your sleep... leads me to believe you're anal retentive about hygiene or bras? no?

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haha!no,not about hygiene,im

haha!no,not about hygiene,im probably anal retentive about bras :)
i guess im just too obsessed with my lingerie ;) CLEAN Lingerie,mind u!

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lol, well most girls are

lol, well most girls are gunna be anal about their lingerie, you gotta look hot right?

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I don't understand...
Maybe this is why I'm attracted to boys. The self conscious me must have been like "FUCK IT! You can't understand them and I can't understand them... We're going cock boy style now!"

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I did that once

I wore a bra for several days straight, it was at camp. That sorta thing just doesn't bother me, I don't know why, I'm just strange I guess

"gay: cheerful and lighthearted; merry." - The American Heritage Dictionary.

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I've had to do that before.

I've had to do that before. When the laundry ran out and no one bothered to do it. Times when I wish I wasn't lazy

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Eeeks!same bra for several

Eeeks!same bra for several days?! but i guess its okay under some certain conditions(like camping or luandry running out).As hayden_love778899 puts it,girls just gotta look hot right?And azul,most of the lads out there dont really understand us and our fixation with lingerie's,so your not alone :)