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Has anyone read any of Sappho's poetry? I have and I think it's astoundingly well-penned, honest and raw. Sappho was one of the greatest lesbian poetesses that ever lived, I think.

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"greatest lesbian poetess"

"greatest lesbian poetess" is damnation with faint praise really though, isn't it?

Possibly because I'm reading it in translation but I don't like classical literature much, if I'm honest and since I don't get brownie points for pretending to like it anymore I can be honest.

But Sappho is undoubtably one of the few archiac poets who still (sometimes) immediately resonates with a modern reader and she is a hugely significant figure in western literature. But I only really like a tiny portion of her writing. Although what I do like is remarkable.
I especially like Josephine Balmer's translations, but possibly because those were the first I read.