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Do they seriously need to drill his stuff into my head even more? I mean... This is the second time I've learned about exponential equations. Oh and the linear equations - it's the third time.

Then Jesus Christ! Freshmen Social Studies was a JOKE! The AID's epidemic? I learned NOTHING! Those map quizes? I aced all of them. Hell I got a 100 on the exam!

Then Biology. I understand cancer... Not a difficult concept.

Then just fucking CHRIST! Health class. I know the parts of the penis already! Is it that hard? No pun intended.

I'm seriously getting bored of this. I reviewed fractions from 5th to 8th grade. I understood BEFORE we started.
Then factoring... yea - I got it after the first 2 weeks.

At least next year I have Chemistry 1A, 1B and 1C. Three out of my eighth class right there...


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Maybe you should be in advanced classes?


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I have an accelerated class

I have an accelerated class schedule. I'm skipping 2 credit categories (practical arts and computer literacy). I skipped Earth Sciences and took Intro to Phys. Sciences in Middle School.

Accelerated classes: Biology 1A, Biology 1B, 20th US History
All three are sophomore standing as prerequisites and I just so happen to be a freshman.

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*nods head and agrees*

*nods head and agrees* Social Studies is pretty much the same class every year. You know, civil war, constitution, native Americans, OH! and this year we're actually getting into WW1 & 2. Maybe it won't be such a drag. And also, I agree with Jeff.

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psssssh I say no rush to get

psssssh I say no rush to get into the hard material. Enjoy your high school years and relax while you can. And if it really is that easy, then good! Get the good grades to get into a nice uni/college and perhaps manage to earn a handy dandy scholarship along the way! Theeeen you can sit down, study and learn the harder, but more interesting material for the next 4-whatever number of years of post-secondary schooling.

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I can't do that. I've been

I can't do that. I've been bored in so many classes. I WANT TO LEARN.

and for post-secondary schooling - right now it's down to neurology or psychiatry. So try... 8 years...