Senior Prom,The Dress and Bitten Nails.

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So its my final Prom.And im going with D =]
Its on April 2nd and i still havnt found the perfect dress for me! Im freakin out...i dunt have that much time,do i? D already has a wonderful pretty dress to wear.Its passionate red,short and puffy.Like this typical prom dress =)
The Prom is finally in action and ready to roll.There was some huge mess going on,the prom commitee changed the location to some other Hotel.And we seniors were against that perticualr location.So huge problems were created,but now its fine.We have agreed to go to the hotel the Prom commitee choose for us :)
Now once my Final exams are done,i can go dress shopping with D.She's good at this fashion thing.Me?Yeh,im good at biting my nails to such an extent that i cannot bite them anymore.I dunt get it.I most probably have oral receptive too.Even when im not nervous,i bite my nails! Its like this stupid annoying habit of mine.Why cant i have gorgeuos long nails like other girls?! My guitar sir once told me,that im actually quite lucky i dunt have nails,since its easier to play the guitar that way.
I dint know if i should feel happy or sad about it.
I mean,imagine me,in a beautiful dress,perfect hair-do[i suppose],killer heels[if i can manage to wok in them,dat is]...and bitten nails!
I think i'll put those fake nails u get in stores.
Wait.What if one of them come's out when im getting cozy with D?Or when im serving food to myself?
Public embarrassment!
Ok.Scratch that idea.
I might just wear my shorts,sweat shirt and flip-flops to the Prom.
AHH,imagine the comfort level...*sigh* =]