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I dont think i like people much. i have a few really close friends but outside them, ive decided that people are just too human to be around me. like my really good friend we just get tired of the drama, theatrics and constant battle between opinions. oh, i love those close to me w out comprehension, but if i get too close to most of the acquaintances i have then i will start to notice their faults. im a writer and very observant of others and i analyze everything. this is how i chose those who stay and those who dont. my roommate says that im not gay and im not straight, i just dont like ppl. im beginning to think she is right. i am going to end up alone.

last night was so much fun. my friends and i went to the sotfball game against troy and we expected this small school to be easy to beat. no, 11 innings of play, of strikeouts, doubles and players left on base. finally, some girl hit a double and knocked a run in. the crowd,if it could be called that, was dead so we were acting crazy the whole time. but to us, this behavior is not something new or rare. at softball games the beasts come out in us. no one ever goes to those games unless we are playin a really good team in the SEC. i love it tho. watching makes me remember when i played and i miss it. i regret not playin gmy last threee years in high school. i wish that my hatred of the coach would not have compelled me to not return to the team. too late, i guess i will just have to live vicariously through the players on this team. shortstop is kinda cute. ha