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I had a strange and sexy dream about a boy,yes people I said boy, from my college course, last night.I basically ended up giving him a blowjob and playing with his cock.I'm not really sure exactly what put this into my head,but it has left me a little distracted today.

Basically the guys name is Sean,we have been in the same class since last year.I have never been particularly friendly with him,and to be honest I don't really like him that much.My friend has a little crush on him,and has stated a few times that she would like to give him a blowjob.In class he usually sits with his friends a few seats across from myself and my friends.I don't really like him,but for some reason I always seem to notice who he is with,what he is doing etc..In class he has a tendancy to have his hand resting down his jeans.It is something myself and my friend have laughed about many times because it seems like such a little boy thing to do.

Well anyways,in my dream last night I was actually sitting beside him,and we were in class.He had his hand down his pants as usual,and then he started getting really awkward and trying to turn himself away from me.So I was like "Hey whats wrong?",and he kept telling me to ssshh.Then I started looking at his pants and I realised he had an erection.I found this funny.He was trying to hide it from the rest of the class,however the lecturer noticed and told us both to be quiet and ignore it.Then class was over and it was just the two of us left together in the room,and I just remember being really eager to play with his cock,which is what I ended up doing until I woke up.

It was a strange dream and now I'm all confused about what it means.I have spent a lot of time talking about blowjobs lately because one of my friends tends to give a lot of them to a lot of boys,and she really wants to give this boy one,so maybe it all got jumbled up in my head when I was sleeping.

But to be honest,lately I have been thinking a lot about boys and blowjobs and such things lately.I know that I like girls,that is a definite.I've had so many crushes on so many girls,I know I am sexually attracted to them and can completely fall in love with them.However,I don't think I have ever had a real crush on a guy.I have made up a few just to keep up with my friends when I was younger,but I have never had feelings for a guy like I have for a girl.However lately I am finding that I am a little bit curious about them sexually.I was talking to my friend the other day,and he was saying tecnically I will always be a virgin,and I was thinking sleeping with a guy might just be a life experience I theory anyways.I have never been attracted to a guy enough to get to a point where I would be sleeping with him or anything else.But I have been thinking I would like to sleep with one and fool around with him,just to see what it's like.I guess I'd like a fuck buddy.In theory anyways.I'm not sure if I could actually carry through on it though.I was thinking about what it would be like to give my friend a blowjob the other day as we were sitting next to each other and I have to admit if I had to have done it there and then I would not have been able to.I just couldn't.Then I was thinking is that just because he is my friend and the thought of doing that with him is gross...or because even though he is my friend I can't really see him as good looking or attractive at all.Like there are guys who even though I am not attracted to them I can see that they are good looking or why people would find them good looking..but I don't really know.

Hmm I've begun to ramble off there a bit so I should probably end this.I have tried to give up the whole label thing and just go with whatever I want.Which is what I should really do.But instead I find myself sitting at home thinking about it,instead of actually doing anything.
Basically I need to do something.


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I've had dreams about cocks

I've had dreams about cocks and stuff like that and im definitely a lesbian. All I can say is giving blowjobs to guys is gross. I wouldn't recommend it. Don't ask how I know.

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dude, that's pretty rude.

ok, first of all, it's pretty obvious how you "know" that giving blowjobs is "gross"- you've done it. or if not, one of your close friends have. either way, it's no big fucking deal.

now that we've got that foolishness out of the way,
secondly, i love giving blow jobs and i give them all the time.
i love them cuz i love my boyfriend. and sucking dick doesn't have to be this gross, "degrading" thing that all these feminazidykes make it out to be. When I'm sucking my boyfriend's cock, I'm not just servicing him. I get off on sucking dick. It tastes and smells good, and I love the way it feels in my mouth.
Sucking dick makes my pussy wet and it's a big part of my usual sexual routine. So Ghost, honey, i'm not going to encourage you or discourage you to try it. If you really like the guy, go ahead: you'll always be curious until you try it, right? I mean, sure it may feel a little awkward the first time, but it's fun. and don't worry if you don't know what to do. guys will tell you how they want you to pleasure them. all you have to do is listen. good luck babe... and don't be shy, if you have any embarassing questions or whatever you can ask me, it's cool

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speaking of rude...


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you're right, that was slightly harsh

but then again, there once was a time when someone called me a "feminazi" in an Oasis forum... i didn't find it particularly insulting, but i understand how people could.
i just don't like being made to feel that i am somehow "anti-feminist" for enjoying fellatio. it's kind of like how it hurts me when people imply that just because i have a boyfriend, i'm "not really into girls" or "not really bi, just saying it to seem cool." of course those people don't know me or my life, but it's grading nonetheless.
just because i like sucking cock it doesn't mean that the struggles of women aren't important to me... i think that there are just so many different ways of being a feminist, you know? and just because i have a boyfriend, it doesn't mean that a huge part of my life hasn't been taken up by intense romantic/sexual feelings and experiences involving women- it has! I guess i am just starting to become defensive... but i don't want to be bitter, so i guess i will watch that.

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Well I'm glad you've seen

Well I'm glad you've seen the error of your ways.

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the feminists are your friends

Ta, Ruby. But for the record in all the myriad of branches and schools of 21st century feminism (and most of mainstream 20th century feminism) you'd be hard pressed to find anyone who actually believed that. A big part of feminism is the right for women to enjoy sex on their own terms and as equals to their partner. You enjoying giving your boy a blowjob is a fulfillment of that.

That a women must grudgingly submit on her knees and only after much nagging and coercion is sort of thing antifeminists believe. Because good girls don't like sex, oh no. Especially when it won't get them a baby or a new car.

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Dreams are unpredictable.

Dreams are unpredictable. I've had dreams really, really, really don't want to take literally.

I was just in the process of typing out an annecdote about a [straight, male] friend of mine. But, I felt too mean. Surfice to say straight people sometimes wonder about this too. And like David Mitchell's character says in Peep Show, "possibly bi, but basically un-curious." I think that covers just about most people.

It seems sometimes like sex this century is meant to be about racking up a string of experiences. And it strikes me a bit like the way people collect stamps or football stickers or beanie babies. Do you really want them just because you can have them?

Personally, since I've been waiting around so long when I finally do start to have relationships as an adult then I want sex to at very least be fun.
And sex with men, for me, even in the name of experimentation just doesn't sound fun. It sounds embarrassing and awkward and to be honest rather disgusting. Maybe when I'm more mature and I've had sexual relationships and there's not such an emotional weight attatched to sex, then it's something I'd want to do if I was attracted to a man. But it's such an intimate and intense thing to do just for a question mark.