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Talking about sex with boys is something entirely different than with girls. For one, with girls, it's a bit more sheltered. More delicate [if ever even brought up]. With boys it's on the same level as sports results.

And I find that when I'm with boys [my bandmates, really] I talk about girls in a more superficial manner. Lots of "I'd hit that's" and "I'd fuck her's." But really, my attraction to females runs a lot deeper than one-night-stand sort of behavior. Though, come on, we all see girls occasionally, barely know their names and would take them to bed in a heartbeat.

It's quite fun talking about girls with guys though. Even though it's on a shallow hal status it's very loose and easy conversation. And it was interesting hearing the boy's perspective of sex with girls and when and how they think of sex. And porn.

My band played my bandmate's highschool's talent show. I never thought we'd be in to playing a talent show. After rehearsal, post the show, we had this sex discussion on the highschool's lawn over McDonalds. We have mutual interest in some chicks, and both of them were after one that I now hang out with at lunch. She is darling and I wouldn't mind a small hook-up with her either. [But of course, they mean a fool around, and I mean a make-out session].

That's another thing. I am not as reved up to do it as they are. No doubt, I have sex drive like any one else, but I'm a virgin still and so I think this makes me a little more... sexually quiet, I guess. While they're thinking about a nice blow job or something, I'm thinking about the first time holdings hands and kissing. Such a lesbian.

The talent show was quite nice. Lots of people, lots of cheering, and I broke a bass string. Afterwards, the drummer invited me and a few girls [including the one they wanted to hook up with] back to his house and he got close and got his arm around her and held her hand. We high fived when they weren't looking, and I texted him later to see if he had kissed her.

He had. That devil.


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I think this is just a guy/girl thing, regardless of sexuality. Men are visual and more conquest-based, women more emotional and relationship-based. You know, how much of the online porn is viewed by woman compared to men? I'd guess the numbers are WAY skewed toward guys.


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