Shit happens [as proved on the L word]

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So im watching The L word and im wondering,shit really happens everywhere,doesnt it? We think we are the only sole individual suffering from a so-called post traumatic stress disorder or a mania depression disorder. But we arent. There are millions of people out there in WORSE situations.See jenny and marina...take dana and lara...take bette and tina...something or the other has to happen. when we watch such dramas, we think its too over the top.But its not,because if you keep track of the events in your own life,Im pretty sure it would sound like a soap opera too.Its true but sad at the same time.
Like i dunt ask for crap.No one does. But it just happens when you least want it, expect it or when things are going great guns.
Like today, this guy[a senior too] i know from another school, sms's me. He tells me how he thinks im sweet yet hot in my own unique way. He also tells me how he wants to get to know me better. I wanted to tell him to fuck off because i know what he wants and he so isnt gonna get that. I even think of telling him how im plannin to adopt lesbianism completely[and not waver at bisexuality]. But instead i reply telling him that im busy,watching L word and then heading to bed [quite early,since it was only 9 at that time].
And then he replies back asking me excitedly about L word. He wants to know which season im watching currently[1st season] and if i have the collection. I tell him i dont own the collection in the form of DVD's but i have it downloaded from the net. He then replies saying he completely loves The L word and is a regular viewer. Im quite surprised and mildly impressed. I mean, in this way, im hinting that im bisexual plus this guy seems ok with it! infact, he enjoys it! actually, WHICH straight guy wouldnt love a girl on girl action? argh. sleazy bastards. Anyway, so my point here is, This situation will now bring new found drama in my life. dont u get it? this guy and i will hit off on the basis of the L word. I will end up liking him and we will hook up and then maybe start dating him and then break up and either one of us is heartbroken[im unlikely to be heartbroken if a boy ditches me,but still].
What is the point?!What is the point of dating mindless fucks who are driven by testosterone?
Argh. All they do is bring in unnecessary drama. and maybe even trauma.
and despite the fact that a GIRL broke my heart and im on my process of fixing it back in place, I would still prefer being in a relationship with a girl rather than a BOY.
But i still like boys. I really do. I check em out on the streets and even straighten my hair if i see a good looking one coming my way.
But i feel a nice healthy satisfying relationship can only be fulfilled with a GIRL
And no, im not on a so called "bridge" or "crossing over" path from straight to gay. Im bisexual. I mean it. Im NOT confused. Im NOT greedy. Im NOT sex-hungry.
So those fucked up straight people can kindly shove it :)


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" What is the point of dating mindless fucks who are driven by testosterone?"

It's really is a matter of whether you want to be boned or not. If you're reallly just looking for no-strings-attached sex, make yourself clear about that. It's pretty simple. No need to have a cow about it.

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I see a lot of drama in your posts, all self-created, though.

If you're bisexual, umm, then guys hitting on you is fine. Plus, sexual interest isn't something adversarial. From my understanding (I've never watched L Word), there's more talking than sex, so if he wanted girl on girl action, he'd get lesbian porn (Primarily made for straight boys anyway).

But again, all he did was show interest, all of the rest is your projection of his desires and you not wanting them, except for the point where you'll end up liking him, fucking him, and getting dumped by him. All of this, mind you, because he sent you a text.

Also, unless he knows you're bi or gay, then it's perfectly acceptable for him to hit on you. And if he thinks bi, he's still in the clear.

And, like your last message, you seem to end with a proclamation whereby you defend your bisexuality and lack of confusion... against no one challenging it. Whenever I hear people say they aren't confused, or constantly say anything for that matter, I always assume they doth protest too much.


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