Shooting my trap off as usual

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I'm seriously beginning to think this is the year to totally shit on my life. For real. I mean, why else would people nitpick over the lamest and most inconsequential nonsense. So that explains it; for the memo that some people missed out on: SHIT ON ASHLEY'S LIFE. stop. SHE DOESN'T USE IT ANYWAY. stop. IT'LL MAKE YOU ALL FEEL BETTER. stop.
yeah. okay. lol.
So my whole thinking behind this, on top of moving to a small town for college this past fall and failing to make a single consistent friend (aside from my loyal boyfriend, bless his patient heart), is that apparently my opinions are too much for some people, and they feel like either a)whining, b)name-calling and cliquing up with their internet friends, or c)ignoring polite emails asking for them to explain themselves. Now the last option could be completely false since I haven't checked my Livejournal in the past day or so. But either way I think I'm gonna just shut my pretty little mouth for a while.
I know I don't share the same sense of humor as a lot of people do: I laugh at black jokes, dead baby jokes and a LOT of off-color shit, and I'm not afraid to say so. I recognize the errors in the black community and rather than blaming authority or giving up, I talk about it, often in ways people don't like.
(psst. for the record, yall, I'm black)
I know some shit I say can make people uncomfortable, but it happens. I don't apologize for it, because I believe you're only as offended as you want to be. If you feel like getting riled up over something that really has nothing to do with you, then that's your issue. If you truly don't care, that's on you too. Either way, I'm not gonna stop opening my trap just cause something *might* piss someone off. Besides, black women are known for being loud as all hell, and I've learned that it's usually because we're the only ones making any damn sense, lol. But I'm biased, wah.
Anyway, this has shit to do with lgbt issues, so let me throw something in here: folks, if you know someone who simply identifies as "queer"--meaning not specifically as gay, lesbian, bisexual, pansexual, blah...DON'T badger them on it. Yeah it's considered an umbrella term, but some people prefer that to any other label, myself included, because nothing else really works. I mean, I would go around answering "What's your preferance?" questions with, "I-like-women-but-am-dating-a-man-and-only-like-him-and-no-other-males" but that is too long and, for a lot of people, too fucking hard to grasp. Not saying people are stupid at all; I confuse me too.

Oh, and STOP SHITTING ON MY LIFE! DAMN! That job solely belongs to me and my mom.