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I feel so skint.
It's like, I feel like I'm standing at the precipice of a great mountain screaming to the top of my lungs...and all around me are people who are in my life, not even paying attention or listening to my screams.

Yes, I feel true and utter loneliness. And I feel like no one really takes my emotions seriously. Like everything I do or think or say or feel is a complete joke to them. Emotions are scary things and people have such, such difficulty dealing with their own let alone other people's. And I'm effing tired of it. It's a very...hard existence, because I'm not totally alone, I just feel that sudden coldness that comes at the end of the day and makes me question why I'm even allowed to live anymore.

I feel cold inside too...but every now and then there's an inch of warmth and love and happiness that finds its way through. I just want someone to bloody fill me up. I want someone who gives me that feeling you get after you have just drunk hot chocolate.


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Just wait...

Haha. Oh boy. I think a lot of people - especially homosexuals feel that. I know I do.

Like can't people notice the signs that I want them to care? To ask - even if I say nothing is wrong.

And then being isolated from any prospects. No one to love around me.

Yea - I love that feeling of warmth. I used to have it so much... Then we broke up...

But y'know - all you can is just hope that warmth will come. And I know it will.

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firstly, i find it adorable that you say "effing" instead of "fucking"... i hope i didn't just offend you by saying the "real" f-word, i am just one of those classy girls who tends to swear like a sailor.

secondly, i used to have that frequent, frightening feeling of coldness too... it's hard, but all i can say is don't try to fill that emptiness with drugs or warm that coldness with alcohol. i learned that the hard way... hopefully you won't put urself thru that shit! hang in there bro, be strong, cuz u can!

thirdly, one day your prince/princess/magical-"right"-person will come into your life, TRUST. i used to be so worried that nobody would ever fall in love with me, and that i would be doomed to become a bitter, miserable, lonely old woman surrounded by nobody but her 17 cats.
one day, two months ago, i was sitting in this lecture at school... and this random guy, who was sitting next to me, turned to me and started talking... and it turns out that he is the most amazing person i've ever met and now we are in a wonderful, loving relationship.

And trust me, I am a CRAZY BITCH [smart, cute, sexy, yet FUCKEN CRAZY]... so if even I can find love, then i'm sure you [and most people on Oasis] have nothing to worry about :-)

Peace out bro.