So much for "best friend", Gwen. You're a JOKE!!!!

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This is the journal I really intended to post.

I was talking to Gwen on the phone last night. She accidentally sent me a text that wasn't meant for me: "Lets wait a while to tell Arty that we're back together."

Ooookay. It's none of my business. But she yelled when she heard I'd read it. "Why couldn't you have been a good friend and lied to me?!?!" (Am I missing something here? Friends don't lie...) I didn't ask her anything about it, I started talking about my day and all sorts of random things, but she kept saying that she was angry at me. "I can't believe you.", and so on. I ignored it. I kept a happy face. Until I got off the phone. Then I realized that I did in fact feel like I really did something wrong. WHAT???!!!!!

This goes to what I want to say to her now. "Look. You are so full of ****. You sat there this weekend and SPOONFED me that bull**** about how I'm your /best friend/ and I just ate that up. Your friendship, as it were, is bull****. Why are you hiding from me, Gwen. Why?"

I'm really hating this feeling of combined anger and sadness.

It sucks.